This award is to give recognition to an individual faced with adversity yet shows great compassion to benefit others for the betterment of the community.

Akilah Garrard

April 12,2017

Akilah, is a great spirit, she sings in the youth choir, participates in the Youth Ministry and Sunday School.  She maintains high grades, is learning the books of the Bible, names of the disciples in those classes.  She helps encourage others to get into their respective places and behave in a Christian manner.  She is always striving to go the “extra mile” to help the ministry go forth in excellence.  She often leads songs when called upon.

Maurice Silas

April 12, 2017

Maurice sings with the youth choir and works with the A/V ministry at church. In academia, he is an honors student, sings in the Concert, Show choirs, and the top performing group, the Madrigal Singers.  He plays 1st trumpet in the Symphonic Band and Marching Band.

He has won competitions locally and statewide and recently travelled to Disney with the Marching Band.  He has won gymnastic competitions tumbling at local, state and national levels.

Natalie Wiemelt: age 11

December 10, 2016
Quincy, Illinois

Since her 7th birthday, Natalie has taken it upon herself to help others. She has collected clothes and school supplies for less fortunate children, collected items to send to soldiers over seas, collected money to help with travel expenses for a young man with severe health problems to get back and forth from St. Louis, and helped two little girls have a Christmas. For her 11th birthday she raised over $1,700 for the quincy based outreach program 2x4s for Hope to assist the Kansas City based Veterans Community Project in building homes for military veterans. She is continuing her efforts to help those around her.

Robert Wealer: age 9

December 10, 2016
Quincy, Illinois

Robert’s Canned Food
In April, 2015, Robert raised over 5,000 canned food items for a food drive. He is back at it and aiming to raise over 5,500 canned food items for the Salvation Army with his current food drive.

Manuel Alonzo


December 3, 2016
Orlando, Florida

Manuel has been working with the youth since 2013, and has been involved in many youth community activities as a server and as a leader. He has an active roll in the youth department and will be a full time student at UCF this up coming semester. Manuel is dedicated to enriching and helping everyone.

Orange County
Sheriff Jerry
Demings from Orlando Fl.


December 3, 2016
Orlando, Florida

He has been elected Sheriff for Orange County since 2008 providing expertise, stability, and trusted leadership to the community!

He has an impressive record of:
1) Reducing crime
2) Keeping our deputies on the streets and working in our neighborhoods.
3) Helping our children through Scouting, the YMCA, and Boys and Girls Clubs.

Orlando Commissioner district 3
Pete Clarke


December 3, 2016
Orlando, Florida

Commissioner Pete Clarke has worked and served for more than 30 years as a public servant and has first-hand knowledge of his district.

His top priorities are:
1) Public Safety
2) Crime prevention
3) Disaster management
4) Caring about others.

He makes a difference because he is accessible and addresses issues to eliminate the root causes of many things like:
1) Homelessness
2) Human trafficking
3) Abuse
4) Poverty
5) Mental health

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